Thursday, February 27, 2014

A new blog title for new comedies

My blog was called 'Of unpublished novelist moms and other comedies.' Since I am soon going to be officially published, I thought it might be a good time to alter the title slightly.

After all, being published will lead to many new comedic situations. Dealing with nasty reviews for instance.

I get nightmares wondering what I will do besides curling up in a fetal position when those inevitable reviews rear their slimy heads; 'They decided to publish this drivel! Such amateurish writing, sloppy editing, flimsy plot. What has the publishing world sunk to etc etc.'

Then I wonder if getting no reviews at all (which would have been the case if I wasn't almost published) is better than the prospect of getting nasty ones.

There are days I am excited about having a book I have so enjoyed writing come out. And then there are the dark ones when I wonder who I am kidding.

I have heard even the best of us get these jitters, let alone unproven dithering writers such as myself.

And so, like it or not, this summer 'Colossus' will come out! My baby. My second effort but first to be published.

Perhaps it is best that my few dozen (I am not very ambitious) prospective readers read my debut work when its sweltering hot outside. That way they may not remember the flaws in it and merely focus on the fact that my book took them away from the hot sun to a cool, relaxing place and there, accompanied by a glass of iced tea, they read it.

Then again, there are days when I hope that the characters I have penned may find a place in my reader's heart, even for a short while. That the reader may identify with their flaws and foibles, their joys and triumphs.

And perchance that reader might put the book away when she is done reading it and with a sigh, say, 'That was a good one.'

If wishes were horses...