Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pray don't 'Eat Pray Love!'

Ok so I read this book and found it condescending. Maybe because I am Indian and tired of these rich bored people going there looking for spirituality. I mean what is it about far flung ashrams and shyster Swamis in orange garb, long dirty beards and groping hands that makes people find themselves in the east?

Or is it the sight or so much misery around them that the average person with a boring life in the wealthier parts of the world returns having been hit by the worst sights of poverty and wretchedness and suddenly their humdrum provincial life with 2 cars, picket fence, impossible mortgage payment, 2.1 kids and 1.5 acre backyard seems like a dreamlike existence.

And so it is for most of the rest of the world as it so happens. I shouldn't be such a sour puss about it, I suppose but I just found the tone of that book (haven't seen the movie) so self centered, ignorant and superior.

Speaking of the movie, I dunno if I will watch it but given that I will watch Ms. Roberts read a phone book for a hour and a half, perhaps I might. Then there is the big news splash my husband informed me about with a chuckle. Julia has declared herself a practicing Hindu.

Now there is a shot in the arm for a religion few people know about. Here everyone thinks we are Muslims. Not that I mind but seriously every time I order a link of sausage or a BLT having the waitstaff look at me with panic in their eyes and saying in whispers--it has pork in it is starting to become a little tired. I mean give unto me a break. Haven't you heard of other religions besides Christianity and Islam? Kiddo, I want to tell these young people, there are several other religions who massacre each other with equal glee as do the Christians and Muslims.

I can only imagine how the Hindu fundamentalist organizations must be slapping their foreheads. All that violence against Muslims to prove their superiority was so unnecessary. All they had to do was call Julia's agent and check if she had any interest in pursing Hinduism as a religious alternative!