Sunday, June 13, 2010

Other People's Money: helping redistribute the world's wealth

All right.

I thought this blog needed a last post and I just couldn't think of a good one until now. And no, I'm not promoting Socialism.

Why this last post? Well, it seems like someone or the other is checking out this page else the counter is on drugs.

Either way, I thought this a good note with which to stop this blogging madness. Maybe soon I'll pick it up but for now, this is where it ends.

Here's an idea which if it catches on can do a lot of good in the world, in my humble opinion.

Donate other people's money. Its easy to do. I am calling it, "DONATE A BIRTHDAY." It's not a new idea, of course, just hasn't caught on as much as it should.

It'll work best for a kid's birthday but hey anyone can do it.

So the idea is this: It's your kid's birthday. Chances are your kid has a ton of stuff and you're going to get him a ton more. Why not skip that for this year's birthday party? Ask all the party attendees to not bring him any present but instead to make a donation to a good cause in your kid's name. Literacy, hunger, AIDS research, cleft palate operations, the oil spill clean up efforts. The list is endless.

So say each party guest brings a gift worth $15 and you have 10 guests. That money i.e. $150 goes into the system to bring about change. Lets say you tell 10 friends who all do the same. That's a cool $1500 circulating the world doing good instead of lying in the form of yet another action toy or Barbie in drawers gathering dust!

Now lets say you decide to do this for every other birthday. Can you imagine? If your kid is 5 now and you and your 10 friends have parties for her for another 10 years. Five birthdays donated by 10 people times 10 friends each times $15. That if my math isn't wonky it is $150*50. Or a cool $7500 donated thanks to a little act of altruism not even on your part but on the part of your friends at your request. Its money they would have spent anyway. You get to feel good about yourself. Everybody wins.

Result? A world of difference. Imagine the possibilities if it just catches on!!

I started doing it from my son's first birthday five years ago. And now I'm explaining what we're doing to him. he gets gifts from us and from his uncle and aunt. He's happy. Now he's also helping make a difference.

Who knows, instead of the usual hackneyed themes like spiderman or what have you, one can have serious themes for birthdays. Fun with a cause? I'd go for that.

Food for thought at the very least, don't you agree?

If you're reading this, consider telling someone, consider doing it yourself.

It feels good, let me tell ya and your kid will definitely buy in. Kids are great that way.

In conclusion, it's been fun doing this. The blog, I mean. Cathartic, liberating.

I am signing off, still a mom, now two times over, still dazed and confused and still unpublished. But thank goodness still with my sense of humor intact.

Right then. This is it for this blog.

Elvis has left the building!